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Rugby Monument to Geographical Center of the North Americas

Roger and NancyAnn at the Monument

North Dakota Sunflower Field - I did not take this picture

Res Area build like a Stern Wheeler

Interesting Fungi at Rest Area

I am truly sorry I am so far behind here. Today is Sept. 21 and I will try to get caught up today. NA

We arrived in North Dakota on Labor Day in the town of Rugby, which is the Geographical Center of the North Americas. Rugby is a sweet rural town, filled with friendly people, and on Labor Day, one open restaurant and one gas station. Maybe the folks get together and take turns being open or closed on holidays. I didn't think to ask.

Tuesday, we spent 4 hours at the Rugby Museum and really enjoyed looking at items that represented the past for that area. A great amount of time and care is taken with this historical museum. They have even either brought in real buildings or in some cases, reconstructed look alikes to make a "village." Included was a jail and sheriff's office, assayers office, bank, doctors office, some homes, a black smith shop, livery stables, saloon complete with the "ladies of the night"...imagine something like that in ND.

Also they brought in a large church and two story school house. Seeing the photos of how that was accomplished was a treat in itself. Many old tractors, pieces of farm equipment and cars were also on display. We recognized some of the equipment as things Roger's Dad talked about having in Canada when he farmed there as a young man.

And, as you can tell from the picture (sorry for the poor quality), we even did the obligatory photo in front of the Geo Center monument.

We really enjoyed the country side of ND. There were field after field of Sunflowers which are raised for oil. Also raised for its oil are many fields of a cultivar of Rapeseed that we know as Canola. If you are interested, here is an informative link to learn more about Canola.

Other crops we say were grains, cattle, alfalfa and some row crops we could not distinguish from the road. Possible they were sugar beets.

We crossed over the Red River the next morning and were suddenly in Minnesota.

I have tried to add the route we took through North Dakota, but cannot figure out how to get the map to accept 4 points. We went through Williston, Minot, Rugby and Grand Falls, all on Hwy 2.


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