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When we visited Colorado Springs in late April, we were becoming a bit weary of traveling and feeling more and more comfortable with "The Springs." We hadn't quite decided to give up our nomadic way of life, but the seed was certainly present -- and growing. After our swing up through Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota, and no relief in site from soaring gas prices, we did some serious soul searching and decided that during our return to the Air Force Academy Famcamp in late July, we would seriously expore the possibility of making Colorado Springs our home.

The signs suggested it was the right move. Even before our arrival, Emily located several potential rentals in an area that sounded ideal. It's called Glendale, and it's located within a couple of miles of the Academy's north gate. One particular place really caught our attention and that is where we settled. The views of Pikes Peak and the Academy are stunning.

After making our decision, things fell into place almost magically. We sold the RV in a little over 2 weeks through an ad placed in We had several calls, including one from a man in the State of Washington who was willing to drive here to inspect it and make an offer. Before his call, we got a solid offer from a couple our age in Delta, CO, which is over the mountains at least a couple of hundred miles to the southwest. They were thrilled with our RV and made an acceptable offer on August 16. On August 21, we traded the F-350 for a 2007 Ford Fucus Wagon. We don't miss our giant truck or the $90-100 fill-ups. The Focus gets 30 mpg or 5 times better than the truck got. We still have the Yamaha Scoter which Joe will use to get around -- weather permitting.

We'll miss the travel and excitement of new places and faces. We plan to resume our travels after a while, but doubt that we'll ever become Full-Timers again. It's been a incredible trip and the memories will last for a long, long time.

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