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Sunset Las Negras


Hmmm I'm now one month into my trip. My time with Jon made me realise that I had started to take my freedom for granted, my comments about 'well I might go there next, might just stay on the coast, a night here, three nights there' were met with looks that spoke 'you are so lucky' without the need for words. Jon and I had three wonderful days together (um and nights!) Mostly we were very lazy, but we got in a very leisurely stroll along an almost deserted beach on Saturday, the vist to the market and lunch in a restaurant by the sea on Sunday and a very nice lazy tour of the Cabo de Gata area on Monday. If you look at the map, you can see Almeria on the bottom right corner of coast, Jon's brother lives north so there's a map location there, then to take Jon back to the airport I had to drive south again and spent one night to the west of Almeria. The campsite was right on a beach and I could hear the sea as I laid in bed very nice. But the next morning I wanted to back to Cabo de Gata, which is an area of natural park to the east of Almeria. This part of Spain has really won me over, after spending a mere two weeks travelling through six provinces, I have spent 3 weeks in Andalucia. True it is much bigger, it had lots of cities worthy of a visit and it has lots of beaches too. The reason I like Cabo de Gata so much is that you can round a bend in the numerous hills that have to be navigated and see a proper village on a beach, and they are lovely to visit. You can also still find beaches with no village, drive onto them, make lunch, have a snooze, a sunbathe, a swim just perfect. The area is protected and I'm sure it avoided over development years ago because the beaches are not silky golden sand but if the trade off is between that with hundreds of mouthy brits and a grey gritty sand with perfect peace I know which one I want.

I've listened to the radio a lot whilst driving. The Spanish seem to be very keen on talking programmes, where an expert is giving their opinion about something or where people phone in. The other day there was one about music in Cuba, and I think I understood a fair bit. Some radio stations play pop music and then of course there is stuff sung in English, but I've also been able to listen to flamenco and sevillanas. In the shops, if it's not nondescript burble, most of the music I have heard has been reggaeton. In Granada, where all the belly dance gear was for sale there was lots of belly dance music. And on Monday night as I drove through Almeria town after dropping Jon at the airport, I heard THE belly dance track that Laura, Janette and I performed to at the Rivermead and to our friends at Hayling Island that was surreal!! I've finally heard a bit of salsa today, both in a shop and on the radio, and it made me want to dance. I shall be useless by the time I come back, and will have to rely on my friends putting up with me being a bad dancer for a couple of weeks!!

I've left Andalucia now and am in Murcia, tell you about it and plot the location next time, I may stay here for a good few days, on the other hand, in the spirit of trying things I never have before, I may just move to the naturist site......


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