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We worked hard again yesterday. Almost all things have now been moved to the RV. At least the things we are keeping. The rest of the stuff has been boxed up and is ready for sale. One auctioneer was here to look at the items we have for sale and another auctioneer will be here this afternoon. One of my co-workers is coming over this evening to look at the bedroom outfit. Marilyn had loaded up our pantry into plastic tubs. They must have weighed 75 to 100 pounds each. Wow!! It was a chore carrying those out to the van. Marilyn and I took showers here at the house last evening, before driving to the campground. We were worn out so we ordered pizza to be delivered and settled down to watch Dancing with the Stars. We had to switch channels when the show was half over, to watch another favorite called "The Unit". We were in bed shortly after 9:00 PM.

This morning I left Marilyn to unpack the items I carried into the RV. I only put those heavy pantry items just inside the door. Too many canned goods items! We have decided to keep only a few and sell or give away the rest. Perhaps to the Church, for their food for the hungry program. I don't feel so bad about getting rid of it that way.

I unpacked my tri-pod for the DISH antenna this morning. Several parts were missing but a call to the distributor resolved that issue. They are shipping another parts kit to our daughters address in MO.

We can't wait to begin to relax. So far, this retirement is wearing me out! :)

Time to get back to work. More later....

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