The other day two huge things happened for us to ease the strain of getting ready to go. First, with the real estate market being as slow as it is, we looked into renting our home. Right away, a co-worker wanted to rent it ! We talked numbers, agreed upon the conditions etc, took the home off the market. Secondly, another friend inquired about buying our Subaru Outback car, once again we talked about numbers, agreed upon the conditions, done deal ! Wow, is that all coool or what ! Two of our biggest worries are now out of the way.

You'll notice on the itinery some of the minor dates have changed alittle and will be further "massaged" as we get closer to leaving town AND actually get out on the road. The dates and places within 60 days are real secure, anything past 60 days may get realigned some, so inquire often and see where we are from time to time.

Becky talked to the good people at Reno Sparks Gospel Mission, they have agreed to come pickup whats left of our "estate" furniture AND they'll give us and itemized listing of the stuff with values and total donation. That makes the IRS very happy and easier for our accountant.

So you see, theres been alot happening lately and there'll be more to report as time gets closer. We knew, going into this transition, the last few weeks would be hectic, they are for sure !

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