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Louvre Museum - the lines you face once you're inside

Winston and Granville impressed by the lobby

Painting: Hard to believe but that's the ceiling!

Pottery: Exquisite collection

Sculpture: Cupid and Psyche

Building: Endless halls, wish we could show you more

No digital image trickery here but taken in an area where photos...

The queue when we were leaving - lining up for a lovely...

Ninna wow'd in a Parisian square

Arc de Triomphe, getting a bit of a face lift

Ninna and Winston in Paris - wish you were here

Riverside vendors with their permanant storefronts

Every building is a monument!

Golden statues towering over the city

Our first look at the Eiffel Tower, enhancing an already beautiful, winter...

Granville and the Eiffel

Under the Tower

Too windy for these "brollies"

The streak of picture perfect weather while flying came to an end today as we returned to Paris from Zurich. Nonetheless, all of these so-called budget flights have been impressively on time and sometimes even early!

Despite some anxiety at once again landing in Paris without accommodation (this time much closer to New Year's), we got through the language barriers (cheers to the phrasebook we bought and French 12 taken like 15 years ago) and found a couple of hostel beds with breakfast included.

The next day was nothing short of a feast for the eyes and imagination. Paris itself is - no joke - an absolutely stunning city. There must be a major monument, building of significance and/or a carry over from a world fair (or something like that) on every street corner. And the whole city core is built around the River Seine which has miles upon miles of boardwalk. Let's just say, as much as we took advantage of our Double Decker Bus tour, we could have spent twice that time staring at this most breath-taking of cities.

We allocated the morning hours for the Louvre Museum - year, right! Even though we entered at a very fortunate time, we could've spent days in that place and still not seen it all. The rest of the day Les Cars Rouges (The Red Tour Buses) took us around the city and kept our necks and eyes in motion, with pure admiration.

On top of that, the weather was cold and crisp - very clear and withery refreshing. It was such a joy to stop in Paris, et je parle un peu francais aussi (I just forget how to say that correctly in the past tense.)

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