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Cheese and Bread fondue

Raclet grill - the rack on the bottom melts the cheese, which...

Fondue Chinois

Fancy furnace to keep us warm

Ninna on the train from Sargons to Zurich, sorry to leave Liechtenstein

Sometimes the unexpected becomes the norm when you are traveling. The big surprise for us this trip to Central Europe was our invitation to a "fondue chinois" at the family that Jan was nannying for. The actual family was out of town but the in-laws, cousins and members by marriage were extremely gracious in inviting us to join them for dinner.

I guess it is a ritual of the Swiss/Austrian/German, all part of the Liechtensteiner make up, to have platters of food and cook it in oil or broth over the course of an evening. (This is very similar to some Asian cuisine processes. Many of you may be more familiar with cheese or chocolate fondues.)

The entire affair was extremely enjoyable, even the parts we struggled to understand one another. This exposure to German has made us want to learn nearly every language on the planet. We began our world communication training by teaching the whole table our "dice game".

Many thanks to Jan and her host family for being so wonderful to us. Perhaps we will get a chance to return the hospitality to these people at some point this lifetime.

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