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Yesterday was a very busy day. I had received a bill from Good Sam for insurance on our RV and was stunned at the amount, which was more than 10 times what they quoted. I called and they said to please ignore it because they had made a typo and valued our RV at $750,000.00. :) Nice thought but so far beyond what we could afford that it isn't even in the dreams. They will send another statement which will be for $823, less the amount I have already paid. The total cost of our insurance for the truck, van and RV will be just over $1600 per year. Not too bad. We now have our South Dakota license plates on the truck and the van. Should get the RV license in the mail this next week.

We worked around the house all day until I had to get ready for work. I mowed the lawn because I want to keep the place looking nice and rain was in the forcast. I moved most of our clothing to the RV but only layed it on the bed for Marilyn to put away. If I put it away she would only re-do it to suit her. :)

I went to work around 2:00 PM and was offered another part-time flying job. Had to say no. Sometimes it seems so hard to retire!

I got home from work around 10:30 PM. It was still very windy and the temp was 85 degrees, with lightning in the west and north. Tornado watch in effect.

Woke up this morning to clearing skies, much cooler temps, and a brisk breeze. I took Marilyn out for breakfast, a visit to the RV to get the clothing put away, the basement storage cleaned up, and to take clothing for my retirement party, back to the house. I'm glad we used the closest RV park to the house. Only 3 miles one way.

We continue to hear from good friends and close relatives who are reading this web site. We love you all and want you to know that we will write to you when things become a bit more calm around here, or wherever we are. :)

More later....

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