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Ed & Marilyn at retirement dinner

Yesterday, the wind was blowing in typical Kansas fashion. Out of the SSW at 25, gusting to 35. The 5er was pretty stable but we could feel it rocking a bit. Once in awhile it would move enough to grab our attention. We decided to sleep over at the house last night because we really need to get a good night of sleep. That worked pretty well. Both of us slept good and didn't get out of bed until nearly 7:00 AM. We will try to get the rest of our clothing moved to the RV today, and get all of the items we are taking to storage in Hannibal, into one room. Then it is simply a matter of sorting some things and getting an auction company in here to move everything out.

Our plan is to have everything out by the 25th, clean the house on the 26th, sign the closing papers on the 27th, and leave for Kansas City on that day. The buyers will sign on the 28th and take possession on that date. We need to have some work done on the RV on the 28th, and drive to Hannibal on the 29th, so that we can attend the wedding of the son of some friends of ours on the 30th.

Hopefully, we can then begin to get settled into the RV lifestyle at Mark Twain Campground in Hannibal.

I must admit that the stress level has been very high, sometimes over the top, for us. Nothing in our lives seems to be normal right now. We are living in two places, trying to work once in a while, since I am still employed, attend retirement dinners, take care of all the mountain of details which need attention, sort through a 44 year accumulation of stuff, find room for things we just have to keep, etc, etc, etc....

Today, the plumber is coming over to replace the sump pump in the house, check the toilet in the master bath, and pick up a check for his service. The check book is in the RV. Another little detail. The auctioneer is coming this afternoon to see what we have to sell. The yard has to be mowed because it is supposed to rain tonight, I need a haircut, and I have to go to work at 2:00 PM, to teach clients from Canada. Other than those few things, it will be a calm, relaxed day. :)

I'll try to write some more tomorrow. We can use some prayers right now.....

Oh, but the good life waits, relaxing under the awning in a recliner, with a cold drink, while dinner cooks in the crock pot, and nothing on the agenda. Well, enough dreaming. Time to get back to work.

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