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After coffee, I was anxious to get hitched up. That went very smoothly. We were being extra cautious to make sure it was done correctly. The major concern I had was the brake controller. It turned out to be quite easy to adjust and it worked just fine. We were soon on the road to Wichita. We arrived at Blasi Campground at 1:15PM and were set up in 45 minutes. We made a trip over to our house to pick up some things which belong in the RV, and spent the afternoon getting things arranged the way we want them. By evening Marilyn had the RV looking great inside. It is amazing what some small pictures, some flowers, and some knick knacks can do. We called some friends and invited them to come over the next day. Ralph and Rosalie said they would be happy to come over but THEY were bring dinner. They showed up with Bar-B-Que beef, baked beans, and cole slaw, with home made cookies for desert. We provided the liquid refreshment. It was nice to sit outside in a reclining chair, with a cold beer, and good friends. While sitting and relaxing, I received a phone call asking me to work on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday. I said ok and began to make plans...my uniforms are all in the house, etc....

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