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Once again, very little sleep. We aere awake early for breakfast at Cracker Barrel, then drove to Kearney, MO (Home of Jesse James)to meet Lee, our salesman. Lee had arranged for the hitch to be installed while we were doing the walk-through on the RV. When we arrived back at Liberty RV, they had just finished washing it and were checking out all of the systems. We finally began the walk-through. I must say that the walk through was too fast, too general in nature, and over before we had a chance to even know what questions to ask. In all fairness to them, they answered every question we asked, it was just that we were ignorant about what to ask. Marilyn video taped while I took notes, and it all seemed so simple.

I then made the call to Good Sam to make sure we had insurance. Once that was done, a call to Alternative Resources in Sioux Falls, SD, to take care of tax, license and registration for the 5er. By now it was time to go pick up the truck with the new hitch installed. We stopped for a late lunch, before returning to the dealer. By now it was getting late in the afternoon and we still had not paid the bill. Both the bank account and the credit card were begging for mercy by now. Finances all done and it was time to learn how to hitch up. I backed the truck while they showed Marilyn what to do in back. Once hitched up, I had them go over the procedure with me, just for my own information.

It was much later than we had planned to leave the dealers and head for the campground, we were dead tired by now, but ready to go.

As we headed out of the dealers we got a warning bell and the message on the dash said "trailer disconnected". We backed up and called the salesman over. The service dept got right on it and could find nothing wrong with the trailer. We then began to read the owners manual which came with the truck. Guess what? The trailer brake controller which was installed by the factory, is not compatible with the brake system on the trailer.

I was beginning to lose the "happy go lucky" personality. "No problem", said the owner of the dealership. "Let's drop the trailer, I'll hook up with my truck and take it to the campground for you". He gave me a brake controller which would work for us, called and made an appointment for installation first thing in the morning, and towed our new 5er to the campground, while we followed behind. We were set up in very little time, but it was nearly dark by now. We fooled around trying to figure out what all of the switches were for, and what lights turned on, etc. The king size bed was very comfortable and we were done for the night.

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