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Indian Thali Dinner

Aunty Verni, Uncle See Bee And Family

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2006. SINGAPORE. I got stopped as I tried to enter Singapore. The immigration officer carefully inspected my passport, thinking, I assume, that it might be fake. I was tired, so I just kept my mouth shut. I was escorted by a guard to a secure room where they sat me down and continued to inspect my passport. I pulled out my book, Dan Brown's Digital Fortress (the author of The Da Vinci Code)(It was the only decent book to swap at Traveller's Lodge in Melaka), and patiently read. After a few minutes, the officer noted that I was only going to be in Singapore one night, gave me back my passport, and let me proceed. But this wasn't the problem. My bus left without me--Bastards! (I'd use more colorful languange, but my mother reads this). There were only eight people on my full size bus, so I thought there might be possibility of the bus leaving without me due to my delay in immigration. First thing I had to do was get some Singapore dollars as I had none. I found an ATM machine at a nearby food court and then caught a public bus to Little India. The bus dropped me within a couple hundred meters of my accommodation.

This afternoon, I got together for dim sum with my Aunty Judy's relatives at the Calton Hotel: Aunt Verni, Uncle See Bee, daughter, son-in-law Abel, and granddaughter, Kristen. I noticed a lot of armed police and security throughout Singapore, more so than on my last visit, including at the hotel. Aunty Verni informed me that it was due to a week long annual International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank meeting in Singapore.

Singapore's a great place to shop (particularly for electronics) and to eat. One only needs a few days to explore its major attractions.

Oz, here I come!

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