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The last photo of Pres. Lincoln a few days from before his...

Daotai's lovely family

visiting another lab in Carbondale (Daotai is front and right, light blue...

Yong and Yakun, two wonderful members of the lab

Good morning Mr President!

Why do people insist on rubbing parts of statues?

Foxy visitor in Oak Ridge cemetery

Lincoln Park

Frisby golf or whatever they call the game accessory in Lincoln Park

Finish of a cross country race in Lincoln Park, 2nd, 3rd finishers...

house for sale, 3000+ sqf, 350K, 6 bedroom

These picture do absolutely no justice of the greatness of Washington Park

how next to Washington Park

old state capitol


there are multiple reminders of the old route 66

When you are in college they say how much better you are if you have more education.

Not true. The truth is that you are best of if you have the appropiate amount of education for what you would like to do. If you are in doubt, make sure that you do not overdo it. I have the darn PhD, the whatever Harvard Postdoc and am actually good at this research thing and even like it. I am just not interested in building a typical academic career, yet fo everything I am interested in I am "overqualified". Not being able to find a position thet I like and they don't think that I am overqualified I took my friend, Daotai's offer to join his lab in Springfield for 2 months. It is a lot of fun, but sucks that in 2 months I only got to see Michelle once when she came up here for a weekend visit.

Daotai worked a level higher than I was in Detroit in the same lab. I always had very high opinion of him (I doubt that he will ever come across this web site, so I can say whatever I think), but after working for him for almost two months I can say with even more certainty that he is amazing! There are lots of people in research who do it to stroke their own ego, but Daotai is a true scientist, who does it because he is really curious. He also keeps his critical thinking open, and insted of the business as usual try to think of what the true meaning and value of observations are. Also another feature that is not necesserily the overwhelming majority in this business, he is unpretentious and actually cares to do right by his people. Let me add that his people (all 4 chinese, or to be exact, one is from Taiwan) are supremely hard working and are also very nice. I hope that they will all do very well, they deserve it.

Besides of the lab it was nice to enjoy the fall. Cool days and the crisp sun shine on golden and red leafs. Compared to Tampa, huge hills to run on (not quite that huge by the standards of, say SF). I met a very active running community with excellent athletes. Several of them have lifetime achivements of 2:30-2:50 marathons. They also have a fun Wednesday track get together, led by excellently the stern hands of of Jack. With fats runners like Joy and the super fun Bob.

Springfield entry cannot miss a reference of pres. Lincoln. He happens to lay very near here in the Oak Ridge cemetery, surprise, on an oak ridge. I ran by him frequently, always waving hello. It is an honor and a fantastic feeling to start the day running by when there is nobody around and have an opportunity of a "one on one" time with a great president. My all time favorite American, and perhaps human is Ben Franklin, but pres. Lincoln is not far behind. Some might feel that it is somehow not appropriate to keep running by a historic figure like him and other dead in shorts, no shirt almost daily, but I always felt almost a commune with him every early morning.

Finally, there are some interesting squerels in Springfield. May have boring normal grey tails, but some feature hug, longer than their bodies fluffy red appendix on their rear. They look particularly funny when they run.

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