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After traveling all day through beautiful carttle and horse country, making our way through dramatic passes in the Rockies, and seeing some of the devastation the recent fires have had on the landscape, we heard a tremendous bang in the back of the coach and knew we had just had a tire blowout. We were not far from an exit (we were on I-90), so we limped along on the remaining 3 tires 'till we got up the exit, and into the "Big Horn County Historical Museum" parking lot. The tire was changing was completed a bit after midnight. This is the second time we've used this Camping World, and both times we have not been pleased. The blow-out happened at 4:45PM. Billings, MT was an hour or so away (the nearest tire store for such big tires), and things were closed, but, still ... Turns out the fellow who fixed the tire only lived down the street from where we were (we were on the Crow Reservation). He did a good job, and was obvioiusly embarrassed at the prices we were charged for getting the tire. The Camping World contract is really held by a company that also owns Westsern Horizons and other companies - I had to do some major battle with them last time to cover the cost of our tow in Naples. That has definitely not been my experience with AAA. These tires are really too big to carry spares, so when there's a flat or blowout, you have to buy a new one on the spot. This is also the same kind of tire that our friends the Hansons had 2 blow-outs with (they had smaller tires, and did have one spare in their truck). The tires are Goodyear. Anyway, when this contract runs out, we'll try Good Sam.

The ladies at the Museum said there was no problem staying in their lot for the night, so we did. Lovely place - very rural; long coal trains going by across the stress every hour or two (with loud, long whistles); lovely prairie breezes; and lots of rabbits for Girly to look at. We got on our way again early the next morning.

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