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Monitor lizard at snake park



Our campsite for our last night in Tanzania was located right next to a snake park (a little zoo) and a Masai museum. Since we had some time in the morning we visited both.

The Masai tribe is very famous due to their distinctive customs that they continue to practice today, their traditional red clothing, and their residence near many of the game parks of East Africa. The museum discussed many of the cultural traditions including the drinking of cow's blood mixed with milk, female circumcision (also called genital mutilation by the western world), and the ritual circumcision of males at the age of 15. The girls are allowed to cry out during circumcision, but the boys are not. If he does not cry, the village holds a huge celebration. On the other hand, if he does cry, there is no celebration and he is a shame to the community. The tour was definitely very interesting.

At the snake park, we were able to see a couple crocodiles at closer range as shown in the pictures.

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