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Baobab tree

On our way to the Ngorongoro Crater, we stopped off in Arusha for groceries. As soon as we arrived there were about a dozen very aggressive salesmen waiting for us to get off the bus. As Heather and I walked towards the grocery store one followed us trying to sell us his paintings. After saying "not interested" six times, his response each time was "cheaper." Eventually he got the message, but it was a little annoying nonetheless.

We stopped at some of the local markets as well to find that prices of souvenirs had skyrocketed compared to Malawi and Zambia. Needless to say, we held onto our money.

Finally, as we stopped for lunch our cook with 15 years experience served us sandwiches, which is the usual. As I went for a piece of cheese I noticed that it was a different color than normal and it was extremely slimy. We asked our cook what type of cheese it was, he claimed it was "local cheese." Of course, after closer inspection we figured out that he had just sliced up a pound of butter. The cook honestly believed the butter was cheese. He wouldn't live that mistake down the rest of the trip!

During the drive we went down into the Great Rift Valley near Lake Manyara. Heather managed to finally get a decent shot of a baobab tree!

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