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Some sort of fruit tree (I can't remember which kind)

Banana tree


Sam with her sunglasses made from a leaf

Cocoa pods


Vanilla beans (somewhere in there)

Twisted palm tree

Man climbing coconut tree

We were a part of a guided spice tour in the morning. We learned about how all the different spices grow and even got to taste a lot of different fruits grown on the island. I particularly liked a fruit that was a cross between a banana and a pineapple. Why don't they sell those in the United States?

Another interesting part of the tour was watching a guy climb up a very tall and skinny palm tree with cocunuts growing at the top. Heather and I had seen this done before in Hawaii several years ago, but the tree in this instance was taller and the climber sung some crazy songs. The only other difference was that he didn't open up the coconut with his bare hands. Nonetheless, we were still impressed.

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