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Close up of giraffe. Look at those eyelashes!

Heather feeding a giraffe.


A really weird branch we saw on the nature trail.

Heather and Jock, the giant male giraffe.

Nate and Jock pose for the camera.


We had one last day in Nairobi on our own, so we decided to visit a giraffe park. Basically, the giraffe park is a place where orphan and endangered giraffes live in a natural, but protected environment. We were able to feed the giraffes, pet them, and take pictures up close. It was fun to feed them--although their long, black, sticky tongues were a little scary at first!

After feeding the giraffes we went on a nature hike to see a large male giraffe named Jock. We hiked around aimlessly for about 45 minutes before deciding to turn back. However, I wanted to try another trail to see if I could find the male giraffe. After leaving Heather and Sam behind I wandered for about 10 minutes and still didn't find him so I headed back. As I got closer to the starting point I realized that about 10 feet from the path I was on was a giant giraffe much bigger than all the ones we had previously seen. I became a little nervous when I realized there was no fence between me and the giant giraffe (we had just learned that they can kick so hard to kill a lion). Anyway, I walked right past him before going through the gate to the other side of the fence. We then took the pictures seen above before heading back to Nairobi and the airport.

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