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The Condom Cottage on the way to Myanmar

Checking out the Cave Map

Nice Resort Huts

Sarah and Jason's Hut

We all stayed by this lagoon

I like these rooms!

Load of Lilly Ponds

Walking the grounds

Best Buds

Ahhh relaxing on the front porch

Welcome to Myanmar

Just a quick over night trip to renew our Visa at the Mai sai border...

But this gave Sarah and Jason a chance to be able to say they had been in Burma....right in the heart of the Golden Triangle.

We found this great resort on the way back, very pretty....The resort was built around a series of canals....lots of native plants and flowers.

We tried to go to some caves in the area but it was the wet season and they were closed because of too much water in the time!

While we were in Myanmar we did just a bit of shopping, mostly all the same stuff you can get in Thailand just a bit cheaper.

We had the usual hawkers following us around and trying to bug us into buying something...lots of little begging kids...we saw one little guy though that had dirty clothes and face but his hair was cut and frosted in what looked like a pretty expensive style, his English was very good also..we're pretty sure he was "working it" lol

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