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On the way to Cave Lodge

At the Hilltribe village

Elephant arrival...should have gotten two!!

Elephant Ride

Hilltribe home

Hilltribe street

Hilltribe weaver

John, Owner of Cave Lodge

Cave Lodge

Cave Lodge swing

Amazing Tree and root system

At Fish Cave

Nice place in Pai

Relaxing in Pai

Unwelcome guest in Jason and Sarah's Hut

Water Buffalo on the road

What a tree!

On the road to Mae Hong Song

Kyaking Fun .......The entrance to the Cave






This is where we came out of the Cave.......watching for the Bats!!!

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Cave Lodge

This was our second trip up to Cave Lodge, we wanted to share it with Jason and Sarah, also the last time we were here, the river was too low to take a kayaking trip so that was additional motivation to return. It was our first time in any kind of kayak these I guess are not really kayaks, since they are rubber, but they were great for us being beginners.

Sarah and I had guides to make it very easy...Bill and Jason had to really work to get up to speed for the first time out, the guides didn't give them much practice or time, they just hit the water running. It was fun! Especially exciting when our guides took us over the edge of a 15 foot drop down the side of dam...yikes!

John Spies, the owner of Cave Lodge is an expert spelunker and knows all of the best remote caves in the area and has mapped out for his customers how find them, probably going with one of his local guides would be best though I would think.

The area is beautiful for hiking, lots of huge trees, it is a totally undeveloped area you are really out there in the jungle with just the locals.

One day we were sitting out on our hut porch above the river having an afternoon nip and below us near the water were about 8 to 10 local boys playing touch football...they kept calling to us to come play so Jason went and got three Danish children that were staying at the lodge also and took them down the hill for a wonderful game of kickball and a swim in the river...they had so much fun, it was great getting to interact with the local kids, no english whatsoever but they didn't need it for play. Oh...and the little girl from Holland kicked some butt....found out later she was a champion player back at her school in Amsterdam. The Thai boys seemed to really like her....and respect her skill....

Got up one morning and saw a herd of Water Buffalo playing in the river right by our hut.....

Got to say one thing about our Jason and Sarah....they have always jumped right in to all our little adventures. Even when they were little, they would go mountain climbing....jump into a cold moutain stream....rock climb a shear face and repel down into the unknown.....walk right into the Lava caves....they never showed any fear....we are very proud of them!!

Here is a link to the Cave Lodge web is well worth a visit!

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