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Yesterday was a very busy day which ended on a high note. It was a beautiful, sunshine filled, day with cool temperatures and a warm breeze. Wonderful football weather. I had some paperwork to complete at work, so I spent a couple of hours getting things done and taking care of "retirement related" items. I then visited Leows to purchase a new sump pump for the house. One of my bosses from the past, here at Flight Safety, called on my cell phone as I was checking out. Don Overeem retired last year and called from Casper, Wyoming, to say congratulations. Don is on the way to Washington State to visit family and took time out of his schedule to call. That was really special to me because he is the person who selected me for the Sovereign core team, when that aircraft training program was being developed. It was a pleasure to work with him.

I then returned home to make some phone calls and some appointments.

Our daughter called and was very upset. It seems that one of our friends was causing a problem and Jennifer was crying. We left for my retirement dinner, feeling upset, after that.

We arrived at the restaurant to see 12 of our closest friends gathered together to help us celebrate our new adventure of becoming full-time RVers. We had a wonderful time with much warmth, love and laughter. We were able to forget about the stress in our lives for a little while, and simply concentrate on being with wonderful friends. Ron and Deb had a glass of wine spilled on them by a very embarassed young waitress, but in typical good humor, they managed to have a good time. It was late when we got back home, so it was off to bed. More tomorrow....

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