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Sept. 4 - Monday - Starting Odometer 69115

We have now been away from home for 15 days, and I have some obscure thoughts about traveling. I know many of you will have already found out some of this stuff, but since this is my show, sort of, I am going to tell you anyway. LOL

You use different arm muscles holding 32 feet of plastic plus a car on the road than you do playing Mahjong on the laptop, sitting in your recliner.

You also use a different set of right leg muscles pressing on the accelerator than you do kicking back in your easy chair.

It is possible to stare another motorhome in the eye or an eighteen wheeler and not flinch and pull to the right. This has taken me some time to learn, but I have finally found my place on the road and can keep to it.

American roads are fast falling apart. I-5 in Oregon and Washington is embarrassing and we have not been on a really smooth part of US Hwy 2 yet, and some parts of it are really bad.

Woodhall's Campground directory does not have some of the nice quiet, tree filled campgrounds in it. Sure, they don't have pools, ping pong tables or maybe even pristine bathrooms, but the staff is always friendly and they are usually filled with folks who like to visit and learn about other parts of the country.

Husbands and wives and a big dog CAN have a good time together, even when they are together 23/ least so far. We will have Roger revisit this thought in about 60 days.

It is OK to only make it 100 miles down the road, if you find some place you want to stay and it is still just don't feel like getting up at the crack of dawn to get an early start.....the earth didn't fall in the day we visited with neighbors and didn't leave until almost 11:00 AM.

Finding new bread you like the taste of is in adventure and one that has to be repeated each time you go shopping. We have eaten the same bread for so long (it is Roger's favorite) that we think the other breads don't have any flavor. So the hunt continues.

It is NOT TRUE that Wal-Mart is in every town and has run out the little guy. The lens fell out of my new Wal-Mart reading glasses and we have not found a Wal-Mart yet to have it put back in. We thought we had found one today, as we drove through Williston, ND, but it is still being built. And it will be a super center no less.

Montana is one really big state. Yes, Texans, I have bragging rights there, but Montana is surely the second largest of the 48. We just passed mile post 649 and are still not at the boarder. And I have never in my life seen so many grain silos and grain elevators. And grain trains, oh my. Some are sporting 4 engines and you can't count the cars because the train is so long, some of it is running on rails behind the hillocks and you can't see them all. I love the wide open expanse of view here. For miles and miles, you can see miles and miles. I don't think I would be happy living here - I do love my mountains - but this is such a treat to see different territory.

When you are driving a car, it is easy to swish into all the little "historical monument in ΒΌ mile" places. Not so with the motorhome, so we are passing them by. That is sad in a way as I know there is something interesting at each place. But since most of the turn outs are meant for a single car, we just don't have room to park.

Finally, for this missive, I have learned that Arrow can be aggressive. He will no longer be allowed to play tug of war with another dog. He and Rusty (see pictures) were playing and they both started growling with curled lip. Before I could get the game stopped, Arrow had dropped the tug rope and had jumped Rusty with hackles raised. Rusty, of course, went into protect mode and we were lucky to get them stopped before one or both drew blood. Needless to say, I was so very surprised and shocked. Arrow has played tug of war with his 4 legger friends in Arizona many times with no problems. Rusty's slaves were very gracious about it all and seemed to be totally unruffled. And I did make sure Arrow and Rusty made up with wagging tails, but I was red faced to be sure. When I get to Janet's, I'll ask her about this incident and what I need to watch for so this does not happen again.

Gas prices have gone up again. We had to pay $3.02 in Malta. That was a shock.

PS: I'll have to add pictures later. I cannot remember where I stored the cable that connects the computer to the camera. We are taking a day soon to clean rig and I will find it then.

PPS: Folks, remember, you can send us notes when you read the journal. We would love to hear from you. We do get lonely for our friends "voices" as we travel. It might take me a day or so to get back to you. I don't always have a place to get on AOL, but I will as soon as I can. Hugs, NancyAnn

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