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On the way to visit Glacier Park, we stopped in Ponderay, ID for the night, at the Hi Dee Ho RV Park. Ponderay is just next to Sandpoint. Strange place. They do not allow you to even have your dog next to you on the grass, if you are sitting at the picnic tables. Dogs are NOT allowed on any grass anywhere in the park....and the grass was not even that great looking. I read that in the two pages of rules they gave me after I paid and we were set up. Now the folks were really friendly and pleasant, but they must have had a lot of trouble with dogs before to have such an attitude. Would not go back there as I hate to leave Arrow in the motorhome when we get set up and we are outside and he has been inside all day.

Left next morning for Columbia Falls, Montana where we were to stay two nights so we could take the car and go to Glacier Park. We were there in the early 70's and things are certainy different. There are only two partial glaciers left that are visible from the road. The rest you have to hike to see. When we were there in the 70's there were lots you could see from the Up To The Sun Road in the park. The park ranger said that glaciers all over the world are shrinking. In 30-50 years they predict there will be NO glaciers in Glacier Park. Now this has happened before, several times in fact, over millions of years. But the thing that is alarming the park officials now is the speed with which the glaciers are receeding and ceasing to move.

Glaciers have very explicit definitions. Very simply put, they are a moving river of ice. There are lots of ice fields of different sizes in the park, but because they have ceased to move, they are no longer classified as glaciers.

Still, it is a beautiful park, with lots of interesting rock and land formations. And the Up To The Sun Road takes you 50 miles through the best parts of the park if you don't want to spend days hiking.


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