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Well, we ate very well for sure.

Roger and I found a great Greek-Italian Restaurant in the old part of downtown Kent. We were the only ones there when we went, and the owner was so very friendly. Besides the wonderful dinners, we had a nice visit. Tony -- his Mother was Greek and his Father Italian - wanted to have us try some Greek wines, especially the desert wines. Oh, I really liked those. I do have a sweet tooth! Then, he would not let us pay for the two deserts we took back to the motorhome. Now, that is friendly.

The name of the place is SOPRANOS and it is on Meeker St, in old town, Kent, WA.

That was Tuesday night. Wednesday night we had dinner with KellieAnn at the hospital.

Thursday we found a place to buy Roger some new shirts, but we couldn't find any jeans that were short enough in his size. I guess we will buy some in Boston area and I'll borrow Carolyn's sewing machine and hem them myself. We were going to go to the Boeing Air Museum, but we got the lazies and took naps instead.

Friday, KellieAnn went into work late so she could take us to lunch. We had such a good time. She took us to a new restaurant in their area called the Rainforest Cafe. If you have kids, grandkids or are a kid at heart and you have a chance, go to one. They have moving animals, thunder and lightening storms - no rain - , ponds, water falls and lots of jungle sounds. It was a little spendy, and probably a one time thing, but the food was good and it was fun. There were lots of kids having birthday parties.

Saturday, we went over to KellieAnn's and Vicks and visited and then they took us to a wonderful restaurant in Seattle called Wild Ginger. Oh my, that was the most wonderful Asian fusion food ever. My tummy was full but my mouth wanted more and more. Again, the waiter gave us free deserts. He had heard us talking about my birthday being over and Roger's coming up, and so we got their wonderful birthday treats.

Then they took us to a one woman dialogue called "Late Night Catechism". This lady dresses up as a Nun and starts talking about the Catholic Church and it is hilarious. She brings the audience into the act, and there were lots of Catholic's in our group. We all laughed and laughed. IF you ever have a chance to see this (it is a touring show with different people playing the Nun) be sure and go. It does not matter what faith you are, she will gore your ox for sure. When we left, I told her how much "this old Presbyterian" enjoyed the show. "Oh, I wish I had known....I have lots of Presbyterian jokes" she said. LOL

Then on Sunday we visited again, Vick did some work on my computer and then we went out to eat again. The one place Vick wanted to show us was closed, then we tried another and I can't remember why we didn't stop, I think it was closed too. So we ended up at the Olive Garden. It was a good meal, but not as spectacular as the Wild Ginger for sure. But the important thing is that we were with KellieAnn and Vick and they both are so much fun and we laughed so hard all weekend. Because of their odd work hours and sleep schedule, we never get to see enough of them, but treasure each hour just the same. I hope to get to do a week trip together again - last Christmas was so much fun.

Well, enough of this rambling. We left for Hwy 2 the next morning and the saga will continue. Ta Ta.

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