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Bear Glacier outside of Stewart, BC

31 August to 2 September, 2006

Days 44-46: Stewart-Hyder (Stewart, B.C. / Hyder, AK)

Except for the bear-viewing, we are not quite sure why we are spending 3 days here. Hyder is a ghost town, with very few residents, and Stewart is not a whole lot better. The salmon run is almost over, but there are still a few bears to see here (they come to the streams in very large numbers where the salmon are spawning). We did see a black bear walk in front of us this morning. It is still raining or drizzling most of the time, so that doesn't help. This morning, after waiting around for bears to show up, we drove up to one of the glacier viewing points - however, it was so foggy and misty we could barely see the gravel/chipped stone road, so we headed back down the mountain road and went back to camp. There we found that we had a flat tire (I am very grateful it waited until we were off the dreadful road to go flat!). Richard got the flat changed and the tire fixed (not surprisingly, there is a tire-fixing store here in town J). We did see Bear Glacier on the way in here. The glacier we went to see in the back of beyond, this morning, is called Salmon Glacier. We only have a couple of days left on the trip - I do hope the weather clears.

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