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The Hansons heading to Iskut.

30 August 2006

Day 43: Iskut

A very bumpy, wet ride down the very remote Stewart-Cassier Highway to Iskut, B.C. The campground in Iskut was on a hill-side leading down to a lake, where helicopters were picking up and dropping off supplies for remote locations in the bush. We all stopped, en route to Iskut, at Jade City. There are a couple of competing Jade merchants here - I was surprised to learn how much Jade is mined here in B.C. Lots of people bought some very nice items for themselves or others, however the prices put me off some. I'll have to stick to T-shirts! The campground and lodge owner had several dogs with him when he made his rounds, one of which was a large German Shepherd. He wanted us to let 'Girly' off her leash, which we did - she got told by the big guy (male shepherd) that this was his place, and she better mind her manners. She did J Later on, many of us went up to the lodge for a good chicken pot pie dinner.

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