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Welcome to Pennsylvania

Beautiful scenery here

Driving into Pennsylvania yesterday wasn't too bad but the roads are not the best in the world (maybe it's Amish wagon ruts - ha ha). Anyway, it was drizzly when we arrived at a very nice KOA in Jonestown. We got set up, did laundry, cooked dinner and it was soon time for bed. Can't use the satellite here because there are too many trees. We get one station by using the antennae but it is snowy.

It rained all night on Friday and was very windy (thanks to Ernesto). When we got up on Saturday morning, it was still pouring down. As I listened to the wind howling last night, I was thinking about the families camping here in tents for the long weekend. I'm sure this isn't a very fun weekend for them but the kids seemed to be having fun. I remember those days and the weather never slowed us down either.

Since the rain is still pouring down, we decided to do some museums and maybe the local chili cookoff, so into Harrisburg we went. We spent all morning at the civil war museum which was really interesting. It is amazing what those people endured. As we drive over the same land they fought and died on, we try to imagine them camped on the hillsides. What a sad time in our country's history. At one point, there were as many as 4 million slaves! We saw actual manacles and collars that were used, as well as the whips used for punishment. Very sad.

We got directions to the chili cookoff but it was still pouring rain and the cookoff was outdoors, so on to plan B. We found a great place for some clam chowder and then toured the local Kmart picking up a few items we needed. By the time we returned "home" it was nearly 4:00. We saw a couple of deer on our way back to the RV but otherwise haven't seen much in the way of animals. It is supposed to stop raining by tomorrow, so we will do the Amish stuff that I wanted.

We have decided to forego the trip to New York since the tour we were going to take was cancelled and we aren't brave enough to take the train, subway, and ferry to Ellis Island on our own. It would be a great expense and lots of driving just to see the Statue of Liberty and the immigrant museum. When we leave here on Monday, we will head to Washington DC. We talked to our friend, Stuart, this morning and we will visit him and Laura next weekend at their home near Roanoke. We are looking forward to seeing them again.

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