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'C'aveman Jay

'C'leopatra Mo

'Chick' Paul

'Maid' Rebecca and 'hmmmm...' Lukresha

'Marilyn Monroe' and 'Lifeguard' Dave

The gym staff...can you guess what they are? ...has to start with...

Ellie and Rosie (mo's boss)

Ellie and Jay

'Mobster' Martin (my fearful boss, hahaha)

a clown and a mobster...hmmmm...don't think they mix

Hi Michelle!

A lot happening in this shot

Adge and Luc

Adge and Jemma

By the end of the night Mo moved over to a more...


Looks like a bedtime story to me!

The Theme of the party was 'CLM', ie dress as something beginning with either of those letters. It was in celebration of CLMs 10th year. CLM stands for Community Leisure Management. They have 8 facilities across New Zealand, their strengths being the pools. Fitness and Physical Therapy is offered at a few of them as well.

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