Great Trek West 2006 travel blog

We Got to UTAH!

Mountains in Southern Utah

A Lone Cloud

An Unusual Rock Formation

Really Beautiful Views

The Clouds and Mountains Are Spectacular

Another short travel day. We moved on to Green River, Utah,--the trip took about 3 hours. We had a realy nice lunch next to the Green River. The photos show the road and the scenery which is always changing as we drive down the road. Green River is in a very isolated part of Utah.

After we got the Monty set up, Susan tuned in the US Open Tennis and Tim went across the street to the Golf Course at the Green River State Park. We both had a nice afternoon. The temps are a little warmer here--in the 80's but we will be in the mountains tomorrow.

Since this is the end of a three day holiday, we are seeing alot of motorcyles and others heading home. I expect to see less traffic on the road and in the RV parks as we move along.

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