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The kids, Jennifer & Steve, left this morning with much of the home furnishings from our home. They left a couple of empty rooms and a bit of an empty feeling in our hearts. We miss them already and they aren't even half way to home. We took them out to a seafood buffet to celebrate their engagement. I can only assure you that there are fewer crab legs in the city of Wichita than there were before. I know, I know.. I can hear it now...How many crab legs can there be in Wichita, Kansas? :)

After the kids left, I trimmed all of the bushes on our property, and then immediately went next door and handed my hedge trimmers to Herb. I told Herb, "I have no intention of ever using these again!" Herb & Deb Southworth, along with Audrey and Daniel, are the finest of neighbors. We love them and will certainly miss them when we leave.

After giving the trimmers away, I mowed the back yard, and now all looks good around here. Jennifer had mowed the front yard for me while I was at work. Speaking of work, I have to go in later today, to teach a 4 hour session with a client from Austria. I had not met him until yesterday, but he is friends with some of my friends who live in Vienna, Austria. Having friends all over the world and not seeing them at least once a year is one of the things we will have to adjust to.

Marilyn and I began getting together, the items we plan to take with us when we go to Kansas City next Thursday, to pick up the new 5th wheel. It is hard to believe that THE day is almost here. As of Sept 28th, we will officially be full-time RVers.

Well, I have to get busy. More later...

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