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The weather is starting to warm up here, and we're getting excited!!! Some flowers are already blooming, and even better, it's lighter in the morning as we wake up, and slowly staying lighter later into the evening too. It's soooo nice not to walk to the bus stop in the dark, and not come home in the dark either :)

I had my last soccer game this weekend. The seasons over and I guess I'll have to find something else to do on the weekends now. Odd how the weather is getting nicer but the sports season ended??!! Anja joined me for a fun 'last team outing' and we enjoyed some tasty pizza at Winniebagos.

The tax job is same old. Last week I played on the netball team - what a joke! Barely even worked up a sweat, but I tried to have fun and be social. Next week we're having a team lunch at the casino. We joke we're gonna gamble away all the taxpayers money. The American students are back from break and next week we're going on a food and wine tour, and then the weekend after that, a quad biking adventure. If you find yourself with extra time or are just curious, check out this website to read about the Butler program. You might even get a laugh at some of the pictures of me. Plus, my newsletter article is a pdf you might find interesting too:


I've managed to work out a volunteer gig at the University's Career Center, which is nice to keep my mind a little more stimulated professionally. It's good to be in the environment, of course I would love to be paid for it, but for now it's just a one day thing and I'm glad for the opportunity.

Anja helped paint a mural on the rock climbing wall at Science Alive. It looks awesome!! She even has a smear of blue paint on her pants to prove it :) We had a fun dinner with her workmate Donna and husband Andrew when we played I -toy on the Playstation. Have you heard of it?? A web camera is set up on the TV and your image is not on, but in the screen, and you play games. Like sports where you wave your arms to get the dude to run, or this salon one where you are giving people a waxing. It was a hoot. We made sure to wear our 'trainers' (aka. sneakers) and we did get a little workout.

We're getting excited for our hot air ballooning adventure on the 16th to celebrate my big 3 - 0 birthday. Hopefully next time we'll have awesome photos to share. We're crossing our fingers for nice weather. We have to get up 'wicked early', aka. o-dark thirty, and drive about an hour to be ready to lauch around sunrise. Yikes!

Nothing new in the Thailand preparations, except now we're focusing on immunizations. Fun fun! We'd like to try and learn some thai language, maybe we'll bust out the flashcards soon and practice our numbers and how to say our names and where is the toilet?

Hope you had a fun Labor Day weekend. There is a version over here in October some time. And belated Happy Father's Day from NZ too. That was last weekend, and not really sure how it ended up a different date than other parts of the world. We're happy and cruising along, and hope you are too :)

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