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We awoke to a cool, sunny morning today. By the time Marilyn and I finished our morning coffee, the kids were awake. We began getting things ready to load for the trip back to Missouri. The first thing to be moved was the big-screen TV. Steve and I managed to get it up the stairs and into the garage. Steve did a super job of securing it in the trailer. Next came the very heavy bedroom suite from the spare bedroom. After numerous trips up and down the basement stairs, most of the things which were going to Missouri had made it as far as the garage. Then I took a shower, dressed, and left for work. By the time I got back home, I had only one day left to work with clients before retirement, pizza was due to arrive any minute, the truck was fully loaded, and Jennifer had taken the time to mow the front lawn for me. Life is Good!!!

We watched "Big Brother" and then it was time for fixing a bed for Jennifer. Last night Steve slept in the basement while Jennifer slept in the spare bedroom. Tonight there is no bed in the spare bedroom, but we have fixed the inflatable mattress so all is well.

The house certainly appears as if the family who lives here is moving. Stereo components are all over the floor, some rooms are nearly empty, walls are bare, the oak dining room table and chairs have been replaced by a card table with folding chairs, etc, etc. Sure will be glad when.......

Our future In-Laws, Al & Gloria have been so kind as to offer to allow us to build a storage shed on their farm, so that we can store some things that we can't part with yet. They are great people and we are so happy that we will soon be one big family. I'll get some family pictures on this web site soon after retirement so that you can see all of us together.

Well, nearly time for bed. More later...

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