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Trinidad State Beach

Glenda with Giant Redwood Stump

Plants growing on tree stump

Westport Union Landing State Beach

I drove a while on US 101 and then veered off onto the 32-mile Avenue of the Giants scenic highway. This highway parallels the Eel and US 101 through the Humboldt Redwood State Park, the largest redwood park in California. It has preserved over 53,000 acres of forest containing about 17,000 acres of ancient redwoods. Some are over 360 feet tall and are about 2,000 years old.

At one stop, I saw the "Immortal Tree" - a Sequoia Semervirens (Coastal Redwood) - which is about 950-1000 years old. Its original height was 298 feet but now it is only 248 feet tall. It had survived lightning which removed its top, loggers, a forest fire in 1908 and a flood in 1964. The trunk diameter is 14.5 feet and the top diameter is three feet.

Farther on, I walked on the Chandler Grove Trail, a very pleasant half-mile loop. It lies along a hilltop and crosses a small stream. I saw a number of stumps of giant redwoods which had been burned.

At Leggett I picked up California Highway 1 through Mendocino County. That was one crooked 21-mile snake!! I didn't have time to "see" much because I was so busy turning this way and that. There was one short section that went along the coastline, so I stopped several times at view points.

Because it took me so long to travel the Avenue of the Giants and the snake, I didn't get as far along as I had expected. By the time I had reached Fort Bragg it was nearly 5:00. I fed Daisy and then selected Leisure Time Camping on CA 20 east of town to spend the night. Now it's only a little over 200 miles to Sacramento.

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