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Camped in the national park with a view to doing some hiking along the waterways of Keji the following day. However when we woke up the next morning (with heavy heads after a few beers with our neighbours last night), it was to ominous black clouds and the sound of thunder. After umming & arring we erred on the side of caution and went for plan B so we packed up the tent and left for the east coast. Just as we hopped in the car it absolutely bucketed down justifying our decision.

The previous evening, when we'd gone to pick up supplies, a car flashed his lights at us - we pulled over to hear him tell us our brake lights had both gone (a hazard at anytime but especially when its pissing down with rain). So our first job this morning was to find a garage. Luckily we stumbled upon one in the middle of nowhere, it looked like it hadn't changed much since the '50s and the old guy running the place was well into his 70s. Was a bit concerned when he complained about "these new-fangled cars, damn plastic encasing", but he got the job done quicksmart and only charged us 1950s prices.

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