The Carlson's Travels 2006 travel blog

Sunrise at Teslin Lake. The start of a good day?

Thumper and Larry frying fish

The group at the fish fry / potluck

All of the relief is hand carved.

Easy day today, 177 miles. Mostly sunny with a few clouds. We have been here before, at least we didn't get lost trying to find this place again. Did drive into town to fill up with fuel, ugh $160 cnd. Spent the afternoon yaking with Roland and Betsy Viau, Billy and Michelle Berry and Brenda and Thumper.

Guess we should explain about how Cecil got the name Thumper ... He goes around each morning and thumps all the tires to make sure there are no flats ...

We had a fish fry/potluck tonight. Had a great time, everybody brought great dishes, while Larry and "Thumper" cooked some of the fish they caught in Seward. Everything was great. After dinner we went over the gift shop to do some looking. The front door was something to behold.

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