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monks in the streets in Dali

2 of the 3 Pagodas in Dali

Lijang-dancers in the street



Dali Gate

John's birthday celebration

NO question of course we took the Dangerous ladder

After some relaxing time in Thailand, we are back in China heading north. Thailand was great, so easy-except they kind of herd you around like sheep. You buy a bus ticket, get a sticker put on you, and get dropped off at random places throughout the journey. Eventually you get to where you want to go.

So it has been 4 months and were finally hitting the Himalayas. It is going to be so nice to get away from the hassels of the cities. Car horns are driving me crazy. It has been really fun to look back at this journal and see how much we have changed. I still remember getting our first taxi in Casablanca and feeling like i was going to die-he drove so fast and crazy. They make up their own lanes over here and constantly go too fast and pass on blind corners. Nothing gets my heart-rate up anymore. I don't even notice-you just adapt or you would go crazy with worry.

The food has also been an interesting journey for me. I have to say i like American food- and i miss it. Well maybe its just knowing what your gonna get, is what i miss. i have been getting better about eating authenic food, but it isn't easy especially in China-they eat weird stuff over here. You never know, and if you order something that is western-well you can guess it is changed in all sorts of ways. Next time you sit down to a home cooked meal just appreciate it a little more and think of us. Go to Dairy Queen and get a chili dog, i have been craving one for weeks. i never thought i would miss cooking either, but i have to say besides missing my family and friends i miss cooking. John and I talk about it all the time, how sick we are of going out to eat, we miss making dinner at home.

This expereince has been so good in so many ways. I still can't beleive the stuff we have seen. One thing i can say for sure is the world is a safe place, almost every stereotype you hear is wrong and i really hope more people think about traveling after reading our journal. I guess I want to say thanks for reading and writting us. It feels so good to get emails from home. Abby

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