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Our good friends, Ralph & Rosalie Mitten, came over yesterday evening for an ice cream sundae. We fixed the sundae using Blue Bell Vanilla Bean ice cream, butterscotch topping and then drizzled Amoretta liquor over the top. Rosalie had hers without the Amoretta, but Ralph likes "the works". We took advantage of their visit and made them take home a bunch of stuff we needed to find a home for. :)

This morning I had intentions of going to the gym to shoot baskets, but the lawn needed mowing and trimming, so that was my excercise for the morning. Next is the shower and off to work for a class I have to take to maintain my instructor authority. I am still working from 8:00 PM til 2:30 AM for the next three days. Then I am giving a type rating checkride to a client, before beginning a 3-day recurrent for a flight crew from Waukeegan, IL, over the holiday weekend. After that, I have only to do a 4 hour ground school class for 1 client on Labor Day Monday, and then I am off, using up my comp time before retirement.

Much to do, many phone calls to make, etc.

Have to contact the phone company, satellite TV, Internet service, electric co, water & sewer dept, gas company, lawn maintenance co, sprinkler system co, post office, Genesis health club, social security, finance people, arrange additional health insurance, get a physical exam, move out of the house, etc, etc, etc....

From the sound of things, I had better get busy. More tomorrow...

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