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We spent most of the day yesterday, sorting and packing things for the 5th wheel, for the auction, and mostly for Good Will. Our closets are much neater looking now. :)

Marilyn is much better at "tossing" than I am. I have always been sort of a packrat. There is a box of aviation related items that are outdated, and no longer used. Advances in technology have made much of what I have, obsolete. Marilyn suggested "tossing" it. "No, that stuff is valuable to someone, I'll take it to work and see who wants it."

I can see it now: Things which used to take up space in our basement storage room will now fill the back of our van. :) I also struggle because I am a procrastinator. "Never do today, what you can put off until tomorrow." That's my motto !

I'm sure things are about to change, if my dear wife has her way. :)

She is busy again this morning, getting the laundry done, and putting more clothing, shoes, etc, into garbage bags, for me to deliver to Good Will tomorrow.

Yesterday afternoon, I walked across the street to visit with Tim & Michelle, who were cleaning up their fold down camper, getting it ready for a weekend outing over the Labor day holiday. Another neighbor, Herb, who lives next door to us, strolled over to visit and I ended up helping him to install the tonneau top and a front end "bra" on the Sebring convertible which they had purchased from us.

Then Marilyn and I took the new truck out for a drive. There is a small (Make that REALLY SMALL) town between Wichita and Hutchison, KS, called Yoder. It is an Amish community, unique and very nice. They have a wonderful restaurant called the "Carriage Crossing", which serves great food and wonderful home made PIE. We made the 40 minute drive for a great meal. Then it was back home, change into "comfy" clothes (i.e. pajamas) and into the Lazy Boy recliners for some TV watching.

It was not a very exciting day, but things are moving slowly toward closing day.

This morning we called some long time friends, Denny & Sonja Greeves, in Monroe City, MO. It was nice to visit with them. We have shared some wonderful times camping at the Ray Behrens recreation area, on Mark Twain Lake.

Well, it is time to get going. Hope you all have a super day.

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