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It was International Student Night at O'Week in Maastrict, it's the beginning of their Academic Year which was nicely timed. We headed down by train and I managed to forget my bag on the train which had my clothes for the following day in it. It was handed in at the end of the line which was handy though so I can pick it up later in the week.

The night was good, it was a Stock Market Party so depending on what people were drinking the prices fluctuated, at a few stages beer was down to €0.60 a glass, which is the cheapest I've ever seen it anywhere in the world, but it mostly sat about €1 a glass which is still a great price.

We had fun there dancing and chatting up girls [Unfortunately, I think I picked the only girl in the place who wouldnt hook up] and soon it was 5am and time to head home, the walk seemed a lot longer then the walk there for whatever reason. We got home and made some chips, Guus passed out before they were ready and I had a couple then went to sleep when Rens put pepper on them.. hehe

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