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Yesterday I forgot to tell you about this great restaurant in Albany, OR.

It is called The Original Restaurant. Strange name I know, but we stopped anyway and had the best restaurant breakfast we have ever had.

Roger and I both like our hot food hot, and Roger likes his hash browns really really brown, on both sides. Usually they are "hash whites" when he gets them, or maybe "hash tans" on one side.

These were nice dark bark brown on both sides and we were both so amazed our jaws dropped an inch or two.

And, when I asked if the cook would cook my Belgian waffle until it was very brown, the waitress said, "We don't serve wimpy waffles here, Maaam." LOL And she was right.

Our food came on hot plates, and the waffle was crisp to the last bite.

Not only did the waitress get a tip, but the cook did also, and a thank you from both of us.

I know none of you will ever be at that restaurant, but if you know someone going to Oregon, pass the word along.

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