Great Trek West 2006 travel blog

Tuesday, we went to pick-up the Montana and had trouble with the new hitch. We had to get this fixed! So we called the manufacturer in Indiana and explained the problem. The manufacturer had never heard of that problem before--kind of our usual luck. So we continued to work on the hitch and final got connected to the truck. We went home and called our local trailer dealer and had them call the manufacturer. Susan and I decided to go ahead and load the trailer and get the hitch fixed later.

About an hour later, the local dealer called and said a new hitch was being delivered by air freight to him on Wednesday. He asked that I bring the trailer out Wednesday to have it replaced. Susan and I both felt very good about that solution. So we completed our loading on Tuesday in the 100 degree heat!

Wednesday morning, Tim mowed the lawn for hopefully the last time in a few months and Susan went to her hair stylist. Tim took the trailer out to the dealer later that morning and had the new hitch installed. The new hitch worked correctly and we were ready to GO! Tim also had the trailer weighed---it weights 12,600 pounds with the equipment, clothes, cameras, computer, books, food, etc that we think we will need for 2 months. This is 1,400 pounds under the rated limit of 14,000 pounds. Tim was very happy with that weight. We even put a few more things in the trailer!

Wednesday after noon we drove to Lampasas, Texas, and stayed the night. Susan and I were both ready to spend some time in our trailer. We really enjoyed the relaxed stay at Lampasas. Susan called Wendy to wish her Happy Birthday but missed her. So we will try again later.

On Thursday we drove on to David and Jessica's in Savannah, Texas and got there around 2:30 PM. Of course we really came to Skylar and Brayden who looked great! In fact Skylar is sitting on my lap helping me compose this message. It is really great to visit with the family.

We will be here for a few days and then will continue our journey.

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