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Looking South down part of our driveway on our way out.

Out of focus last look at part of our 2006 alfalfa fields.

Roger put the blessing cross above our bed. It is the last...

See that tinge of gold on the right ahead, Fall is on...

Smoke from the burning of the Seed Grass fields.

When you sail, this red sun would be a warning of bad...

Roger counted 6 of these bunnies, it looked like a whole family....

Can you believe it, we are finally on the road. We left today at 1 PM, only a few hours later than our planned time of departure. I ended up putting things in boxes and just putting the boxes in the motorhome and Jeep. I will put everything away when we get to Kent, WA, which is near where our daughter lives, just south of Seattle.

I just had to take the last two pictures as we drove of the driveway in front of us and the other of our alfalfa field. Roger finished the last round of irrigation before we left and in 2 weeks, it will all be swathed, baled and in the barn. We don't have to even think about the fields until next April. Except to pray for a very wet and snowy winter, that is.

Because we got such a late start, we only made it to Harrisburg, OR today. But we found the Diamond Hill RV Park and it was a good place to stop for the night. Nothing fancy, but very clean and the people were friendly. Managers even opened the store so we could get some milk for in the morning.

It was a burn day in the Willamette (say Wil-LAM-it) Valley today. They grow a lot of grass here for seed, and they burn the stubble to keep diseases from getting a foot hold in the soil. There were large smoke plumes on both sides of I-5 north.

The red sun you see in the third picture, was seen at the RV Park. The digital camera did not really capture the color. I hope the pictures taken with my SLR will turn out better and I will substitute when I get them developed. But it still gives you some idea of the smoke in the area.

We were tired and had Clam Chowder and toast for dinner tonight and will go to bed early. See you all tomorrow, as we head toward the Seattle area and a visit with KellieAnn, our daughter.


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