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Anyone who has ever seen the grim facade of Robarts Library at the University of Toronto will understand the reference in the title. Fourteen stories of grey cement, with a huge flying-buttress-style outcropping that looks like the Trojan Horse made it into academia...and got ossified in cement shoes. Can't imagine that ever happening in academia.

But that's where I am, these days, actually zipping back and forth between libraries at U of T in a desperate race to melt my photocopy card before I return to Europe. A casual oversight in my dissertation led to this...600 new pages of stuff to read. Probably more, but I'm saying 600 in my mind.

No complaints, though. It'll all be worth it when it's done.

My habit of placing foot in mouth appears to have followed me to the blog. Let me state for the record that V, who appears briefly in the Ping-Pong entry, is a woman of redoubtable strength of figure and character, utterly charming vivacity, and she's pretty hot, too. No slur on her motives or character was intended.

Things get more exciting in a few days, when the merry-go-round resumes: Weevil City, aka Wolfville, for 3 days next week; Toronto Sept. 1-4, then Europa Europa encore un fois. More action photos of people in compromising positions! More dubious assertions of questionable veracity! More hilarious malaporpoises!

Extreme, cringe-inducing huggy-love to all.

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