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So, we have headed into Black Sea country now and Bulgaria again is holding it own amongst power touristica nations as what I feel can now be deemed one of my most favorite places we have travelled thus far.

The people are so awesome. For example, we are sitting on the train out here and this couple with their granddaughter come in and sit down with us (compartments). They proceed to flower us in ginger cookies and shots of vodka. Try talking endlessly to us even though we dont even speak a sniff of the same language. At the end of the train he waits for us on the platform and walks us to the busstation and gets us on our bus (maybe he felt sorry for us considering they use their own alphabet here and you really cant read a sign if your life depended on it) Then before we have time to thank the man he is already done on his way. The people here are so incredibly nice. I think they really want to showcase their country. Its nice not to feel like you have a bullseye on your wallet for a change.

This town itself is totally sweet. Granted the Black Sea is a fairly polluted body of water but that aside, the town itself is a really cool little tourist resort. Prices are still rock bottom which we love. And the girls are cute enough to make you walk home feeling like you have snapped your own neck somewhere during the day.

We basically wandered around, hit the beach, and sat in our room rocking out to music yesterday/last night (it poured rain). Today we baked in the sun like a couple of lazy seals, then headed to a patio for some lunch. We were pretty spent after all the hard touring so we went for a nap but not that we are all rested, there is a really nice club down on the beach we may check out for a bit tonight. Nothing to crazy, gotta travel down coast again tommorow.

Thats it from me.


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