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St Tropez Harbour

Amazingly enough we found a free camp spot on the Cote de Azure! Well almost... France has a fantastic system of service sites set up by the local councils especially for RV's, for either no or minimal cost. We spent the next couple of nights in a site only 15 mins from St Tropez and even better, only 200m from the beach for 7 euros a night! So we spent the next few days being lazy, relaxing by the van with a book or laying on the beach.

It turned out that the beach near the site was a nude beach! And frighteningly it was mostly old, hairy men eeewwww! But once you got used to keeping your head down it wasn't too bad. Besides we were mostly checking out was parked ON the water, rather than what was IN the water - it was our first glimpse of the boats we'd been hanging to see in the area.

Our first attempt to go into St Tropez failed; the bus stop was apparently not where we were told it was! So when finally did get into St Tropez, we found ourselves heading straight to the harbour for the mega-yachts. But we were slightly disappointed, they weren't quite as big as we were hoping! Sure there was a lot of money sitting on the dock, but we were knew there must be bigger ones in the area. Maybe they were out hosting Pamela Anderson's wedding to Kid Rock (why?!) and the Beckhams on holiday, which was apparently all going on while we were there... Anyway, we enjoyed cruising around the tiny, glamorous village and checking out those you could tell had money & those who were trying to look like they had money!

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