Stu and Liz On Tour travel blog

Stu with Sam on a night out in Kowloon

Us, Sam & Friend having drinks after wandering around Temple Street Market

Liz with Pandora and David

Stu at Avenue of Stars, looking across over to Hong Kong Island

St. Pauls Church Facade in Macau

Portugese style building in Macau

Arrived in Hong Kong from Yangshou, and the bus ride was remarkably uneventful, compared to recent ones. Although I think Yangshou was connected to Hong Kong with a road closely resembling a farm track rather than a motorway!!

We have got a room in Chungking Mansions which is a mad place, there are five 20 storey tower blocks, each with about three guest houses on each floor. Although the supply of rooms is plentiful, variety is not. You could swing a particularly small cat in our room!!

We went and saw the laser and light display in Kowloon Harbour, which was a strange event. It was a bit of marketing for HK, but it was nice to see the buildings and the harbour lit up.

The following day we then got the train up to the Peak which gave us some fantastic views of the city. We also did the circular walk around the peak.

In the evening we went for an authentic Cantonese dinner with Sam and his friend (famous news reader in Hong Kong), and then went for a drink. We also went round the Temple Street markets.

We met up with Pandora and David, who took us out for lunch, which was very nice. In the evening we met up with some friends (Cory and Jeninne) who we had previously met up with in China. We wnet to the bar area (ie not cheap) for some beers. It was also good to see Sam again who joined us for some beers.

The following morning we then went to Macau. We once again met up with David who brought us a very nice Portugese lunch at the Hyatt. He also paid for a taxi to take us round the main sights of Macau, which was fantastic.

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