Ninna and Winston in Europe travel blog

Overwhelmed by the track board at Glasgow's Central Train Station

Ninna and Granville caffeinating up for the trip

Have moving sidewalk, will travel.

Since our arrival to Glasgow about four months ago, your favourite "travelers" have not even ventured outside the Scottish territorial limits. Up until now, all of our travels have consisted of various destinations within Scotland and with all due respect to Edinburgh, the Isle of Skye and almost every area in between, our tour has yet to really begin.

This week of Christmas 2003 will take us to many destinations in Europe including Paris, France; Zurich, Switzerland; Vaduz and Staanville, Liechtenstein; and Feldkirck, Austria and back again. In fact, we are scheduled to hit 5 countries in 5 days and are planning to have a ball doing it. In between, we will celebrate the holidays with a friend from home and new acquaintances from abroad.

Okay, so we'll also be dropping a few dollars here and there but when you've been living an ultra-tight budget for the previous month and a half, sometimes you gotta stretch out a bit to make the season truly festive.

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