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Scenery around Yangshou

Another scenic view of Yangshou!

After the boat we got a bus a train and another bus, to finally arrive in Yangshou. It is surrounded by little mountain peaks. Pictures to follow.

We leave 31/10 on a night bus to HK.

Yangshou is a great place to chill-out as we discovered! We had a fantastic room right in the centre of town for only 70 Yuan per night (about 4.50gbp) It was a lot more touristy than anywhere else we'd been in China, but then this meant that we could get a cooked breakfast every morning that we were there, which was a nice change!!!

The place is surrounded with loads of mini 'humps' or peaks. We were told that there were over 30,000 of them around the area. You can walk up some of them failry easily, and get a great view of all the other peaks all around.

The highlight of our stop here had to be a bamboo raft trip down the river Li. We had to bike about 20 minutes to the river, then our bikes were whisked away and we got on a bamboo raft which is pretty much as it sounds - some tree trunks tied together with 2 deck chairs perched on the top, and someone stood at the back punting it along!!! The river trip lasted for 2 hours, during which time we had to manouvre over numberous mini-wiers (great fun!)

Other activities including climbing up one of the highest peak, called Moon Hill, and at the top watching someone sweating it as he looked after the absail-ropes for someone-else dangling way below us - the question 'Have you got any ropes with you - we seem to be about to run out' provided a bit of entertainment!! In the end there was just enough rope and we exited before he could persuade us to have a go on the 'Worlds Scariest Absail' as he called it!!

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