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One of the streets of Yalikavak

More sunset from our hotel

Marieke, I and a traditional Turkish windmill

Sunset in Yalikavak

More sunset

Having dinner - wow we've got a tan!

Yalikavak by night - the seaside restaurants

Our hotel, in the front the poolside lounges and at the top...

Marieke and I headed home today. Gotta tell you, must have got a bug or ate something that didn't agree with us, since we have both not been the most fit since Wednesday and that is the most unpleasant experience when having to fly if one needs a washroom every 10-15 minutes!!

For the last days, we spent alot of time on the beach suntanning. Gotta say we have both worked up nice tans, although not without a couple of sunburns but those have been dealt with as well.

We also spent one day touring the little town of Yalikavak. Great fun that! Very laid back. Met one of the local bar owners who bought us a cup of tea and also gave us pointers on what to do. The people here are very friendly (at times way too friendly) but a very good experience.

Had lunch in this neat little restaurant on the ocean front - yeah good food!! The hotel food has gotten to be boring and bland since they keep serving the same thing every night. Ok can handle that once or even twice a repeat but 7 times - NO WAY!

The last few nights also had dinner in town. Lovely.

Yesterday as a treat, we went to a Turkish bath and enjoyed a peeling, soap massage and full body massage! WOW WOW WOW. Gotta tell you, we really should have done this the first day but then I think we would have spent our entire vacation in the Turkish bath. The massage was so heavenly I ended up falling asleep! Perfect way to end the vacation!

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