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Turkey from the air

Our hotel - by the pool side

The view from our room!! Wow

Bodrum Castle

View of the Bay and Ocean in Bodrum

Marieke and I - feel like I have alien eyes with my...

Marieke and I enjoying the very Turkish dinner of Kebabs!

Sunset in Yalikavak

Our week lazing about in our All-Inclusive hotel in Turkey is now over!

We arrived Saturday late in the afternoon and after trying to find some food we decided to try our luck at getting a suntan, so spent the time lying about on our sunbeds until it was time for dinner.

Dinner was just a sort buffet style, which for our first experience was really good.

Yesterday (Sunday) we also spent the day on the beach. It is vitally important that we get a good tan, otherwise no one would know we have been on vacation!! So again we spent the day on our sunbeds and swimming in the ocean. I must say, the ocean is just fabulous to swim in. Has such a high salt content that it takes almost no effort to stay afloat.

Today, Marieke and I decided to get active and headed to Bodrum. This is the city near our hotel. Our hotel is located approximately 20km north in Yalikavak, a little town but very enjoyable and relaxing.

In Bodrum we wandered around the castle that has existed there for a number of centuries. Took most of the afternoon, before we headed off for the little shops. Marieke tried her hand at bartering with the owners for lower prices - gotta say it worked much better for her than me. But we ended the day with the purchases we wanted and sitting on the veranda of a lovely little cafe sipping a coke next to the ocean! Oh the hard life of a traveler on vacation ;-) !!

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